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Katrina Rasbold is the co-owner of Crossroads Metaphysical Store and is an author, professional Witch, instructor, and Tarotologist.

She teaches various classes and offers spell work, cleansings (limpias), and Tarot readings by remote and in person.

Personal Cleansings – $65.00:

Katrina’s cleansings include entity removal, attachment release, chakra balancing and clearing, aura adjustments, and Reiki healing. She can perform these in person or at a distance on you or on someone you know. You can order a remote cleansing below. For an in-person appointment, please scroll down to “Book An Appointment” at the bottom of this page:

Order a Remote Limpia

Please email Katrina at katrina@crossroadsoccult.com to discuss your individual circumstances so she can provide the best possible attention to your issues.

Astrology Charts – $25.00:

Katrina offers six different kinds of astrology charts. Each chart report contains the zodical wheel pertinent to the chart, a detailed report of the influence of each astrological component discussed, and Katrina’s handwritten comments in the margins of the report. You can order charts in the drop-down menu below. Charts are ordered separately from other services. Katrina will need your birth date, place, time, and birth name to create a chart for you. Please email this information to her at katrina@crossroadsoccult.com after you purchase your chart (s). We can mail your chart to you or you can pick it up locally. To mail it, we must have a valid postal address.

  • Natal chart (What influences you based on the day and time you were born)
  • Financial progression (Where you will best flourish financially)
  • Family relationship progression (How to navigate your family relationships)
  • Romantic progression (How you approach romance and love)
  • Soul purpose chart (Why are you here? What is your purpose?)
  • General progression (Your overall fortune)

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Astrology Charts

Tarot Readings – $65.00

Katrina’s Tarot readings are NOT for the purposes of fortune-telling, but for lifepath strategizing and identifying energies and influences surrounding a situation.

Her sessions last approximately fifty minutes. She does NOT perform phone or Skype readings. Only email and face-to-face readings are available. If you order an email reading, please contact Katrina by clicking here or phone Crossroads at (530) 387-7276, to discuss the nature of your reading. Emailed readings MUST include a working email address.

Phone consults are limited to 10 minutes due to the demand for Katrina’s work.

If you wish to order a face-to-face reading, please scroll down to “Book an Appointment.”

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Spell Work – (Starts at) $35.00 per working

Need Katrina to perform spell work on your behalf? The most common way she does this is through “Setting the Lights,” another name for candle work. She will prepare and work the candle on your behalf, send you photos of the candle at the beginning of the process when it is burning on her altar and photos of the candle after the burn, along with her assessment of the burn process. You will receive your final report within 24 hours of the completion of the burn.

She also does honey pot (to sweeten relationships) and vinegar jar (to sour a relationship) spells for the same price.

This button is for ordering spell work online. If you want a face-to-face consultation and spell work, please scroll down to “Book An Appointment.”

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About the author

Katrina Rasbold is the webmaster for this page and co-owner of Crossroads Metaphysical Store. She offers readings, cleansings, healings, and spell work services both in house and by remote. She also teaches a variety of classes online and in-person. You can reach Katrina by emailing her at katrina@crossroadsoccult.com.