Spiritual Cleansings

The staff at Crossroads performs remote spiritual cleansings that heal and balance the chakras, purify the aura, cleanse the spirit, and remove curses, hexes, crossings, attachments to the past, hooks from old relationships, and unwanted entities.

We do these cleansings completely by remote. The client does not have to be present or actively participate in the cleansing. There is no phone call or other communication required at the time of the cleansing. We connect energetically and do her work “under the radar” so the client barely notices we are there. When the cleansing is completed, we send a complete report with photos to the person who ordered the cleansing. The person receiving the cleansing may have some mild tingling or light-headedness during the process.

We do in-person cleansings on a case-by-case basis, however appointment availability is limited, so it may take us a few days to get to your work. Please phone or email to see when and if time is available.

Please note that Katrina herself does not perform cleansings at this time. We have several qualified healers who Katrina is trained who are available to address your needs.

The cleansing ($65.00) includes:

  • Intuitive diagnosis
  • Purification with a sage bath
  • Energetic healing including Reiki and intuitive energy movement
  • Egg cleansing to diagnose & remove unwanted attachments
  • Aura sweeping to clean and reset the aura
  • Full report with photos sent to the person who ordered the reading

To successfully complete a spiritual cleansing, we require:

  • A current photograph (within the past few years) of the person to be cleansed (not required for in-person work)
  • The birthdate and full name of the person to be cleansed
  • Any known symptoms the person exhibits that necessitate a cleansing

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Fees are not refundable

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About the author

Katrina Rasbold is the webmaster for this page and co-owner of Crossroads Metaphysical Store. She offers readings, cleansings, healings, and spell work services both in house and by remote. She also teaches a variety of classes online and in-person. You can reach Katrina by emailing her at katrina@crossroadsoccult.com.