Moriah Petrie-Christian

Moriah is a Eclectic Pagan Witch. She was raised in a home where religion of all types was talked about at the dinner table, her late father was a philosophy and religions professor. Moriah is a member of Sprial River Covenstead, follows the C.U.S.P. path, and is a level two Reki practitioner. As the daughter of two teachers, she is a avid student and loves to learn new things.

Moriah has been hitting things with sticks that could be call drumming for most her life. When Moriah was a kid she used to sit in drum circles where she was taught to feel the energy of the beat. In middle school she took a drumming class and was in band in high school. Moriah will teaches the class “Drum Magick” and leads our Full Moon Drum Circles from November – March. You can often see Moriah air drumming to very loud music in her car.