2/18/23 Egg Cleansings Class Info & Registration – 2:00 pm PT

Katrina Rasbold teaches this class, which is all about Egg Cleansings: why do them, how to do them and how to interpret the results. Points discussed in this class come from the book “Uncrossing: Identify, Cleanse, and Heal from Hexes, Curses, and Psychic Attack,” available on Amazon. You are not required to read or purchase the book to attend the class. Primal Witchcraft is a series of classes focused on grass roots magical practice, the very basics of Folk Magic.
This class happens via Zoom. Please be prepared to use a Zoom link to access the class and make certain BEFORE the class begins that your device can use Zoom.
All students taking the class must donate a class fee in exchange for the class. The amount to donate is individual since specific dollar amounts have different meanings assigned depending on life circumstances. Katrina also considers non-monetary barter in lieu of a financial payment. Please email Katrina at drrasbold@gmail.com if you wish to discuss a non-monetary offer.
To donate for class, you may use any of these options:
Paypal: paypal.me/KatrinaRasbold (or Paypal to krasbold@earthlink.net)
Venmo: Katrina-Rasbold
Zelle: drrasbold@gmail.com
or Cash App: cash.app/$katrinarasbold
Students must be in the live stream to take this class. This class is NOT recorded. Please sign into the class no later than five minutes before class time.
Students must register to take this class. To register, please fill out the form below. Katrina will email you a Zoom link prior to the class. The Zoom link will go to the email address provide, so please make certain it is one you will check and can access.
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About the author

Author & Professional Witch, Katrina Rasbold, is the webmaster for this page and co-owner of Crossroads Occult. She offers readings, cleansings, healings, and spell work services by remote and teaches a variety of classes via Zoom. You can reach Katrina by emailing her at drrasbold@gmail.com.