Nemo’s primary role at Crossroads is to alert everyone as loudly as possible when Eric is not in the room and to mourn him with ear-shattering yowls until his return, which Nemo is convinced will never happen.

He also uses his mighty head to hold down various pieces of furniture on the off chance that gravity should suddenly fail us.

Despite a raging catnip addiction, Nemo serves faithfully on the Crossroads Board of Directors and is responsible for ensuring that the fleece covering to Eric’s massage table is amply covered with fur. He is an artist specializing in scultpure, adept at clawing doors, couches, chairs, and cat trees until they take on new shapes. Identification of the 7:30 pm spirit who walks the deck outside the store is an important line item in Nemo’s job description.

Alternate names include “Big Orange,” “The King,” and on occasion, “Fat Ass.”