Brujería Classes

Brujería is the magic born of Mexico and Latin America. Traditionally, Brujería is worked for other people rather than for oneself and this class embraces that premise. This 12-class series covers all aspects of introductory Brujería. If you are unfamiliar with the practice and wish to view a free class to see if Brujería is for you, click here.

Each of these classes builds on information from previous classes. For that reason, students must take these classes sequentially. No cherry-picking allowed and no jumping over other classes. Each class has the pre-requisite of every class before it in the series.

You may purchase the classes one at a time (staying in order) or as a full set. If you order the full series, you pay only $250 (a $25 savings). Classes are $25 each (11 classes + Unit 1 at no cost).

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Free Introductory Class. Click the banner above to access this free class.

Note: If you wish to proceed with this series, it is essential that you view the Unit 1 introductory video above before moving on to Unit 2.

Topics Covered:

  • History of Brujeria
  • What Brujeria Is and Is Not
  • What a Bruja/o Does

Brujeria Unit 2 – $25.00

Topics Covered:

  • The use of divine figures in Brujeria
  • The nature of the Holy Trinity
  • Canonized saint and folk saints
  • Accessing Higher Power

Brujeria Unit 3 – $25.00

Topics Covered:

  • The sacredness of breath
  • The holiness of your words
  • The value of silence
  • Prayers and incantations

Brujeria Unit 4 – $25.00

Topics Covered:

  • Chakras, auras, meridians
  • How energy moves through the body
  • Ways to alter energy movement
  • Grounding
  • Shielding

Brujeria Unit 5 – $25.00

Topics Covered:

  • The Limpia
  • The Platica
  • The Sage Bath
  • The Egg Work
  • The Barrida

Brujeria Unit 6 – $25.00

Topics Covered:

  • Choosing a candle
  • Fixing a candle
  • Burning a candle
  • Reading the glass of a prayer candle

Brujeria Unit 7 – $25.00
  • Magical attributes of stones
  • The use of power grids in brujeria

Brujeria Unit 8 – $25.00

Topics Covered:

  • Poppets
  • Witch’s bottles
  • Witch’s jars
  • Witch’s balls

Brujeria Unit 9 – $25.00

Topics Covered:

  • Love magic
  • Money magic

Brujeria Unit 10 – $25.00

Topics Covered:

  • Various maladies including:
  • Mal de ojo
  • Empacho
  • Bilis
  • Mal aire
  • Hexing, crossing, & cursing.

Topics Covered:

  • Hauntings
  • Possession
  • Entities
  • Demons
  • Ghosts
  • House Clearing

Topics Covered:

  • How to run your healing business
  • Legal considerations
  • Practical advice
  • Energetic information

Topics Covered:

  • Covers all class material listed above in full.