Wicca 101 Classes

Our Wicca 101 classes are intended as an academic study of Wicca to form the foundation for informed and intelligent conversation regarding this vibrant and magical practice. It is presented from an objective perspective based on the most accurate information we could obtain at the time.

This is the learning process we used in our coven to take novices though to their 1st Degree initiation. If they completed this study pack successfully and attended all eight sabbats, they received their 1st Degree initiation.

The study pack consists of thirteen units that the student completes in open book form. Students may use books, the internet, or the provided answer sheets as resources to complete the study pack. In addition to the study pack, there is a class video that introduces the study of Wicca from an objective perspective. The course is intended to be taken in the order it is presented below with no units omitted.

In addition to the study pack and video instruction, students have access to a private study group (via Facebook) where they may discuss any questions they have about the study pack information. This study group is for past Wicca 101 students, as well as current ones and includes participants of all education levels. Study group members are encouraged to help one another with questions to allow everyone to grow and learn together. The instructor monitors the group and participates in the message threads as needed.

Study pack units are available in both MS Word and PDF formats. Students download the study pack units in MS Word and PDF formats, then complete the study pack at their own pace. Answers must be in the student’s own words rather than in a “cut and paste” from the internet. The point of the study pack is not to test the student but to familiarize them with pertinent information about Wicca.

The study pack is intended as your first Book of Shadows. It is typically not graded. Instead, students compare their answers to the material provided on answer sheets and in videos. If students want study pack answers personally graded by the instruction, that service is available for an additional $25.00. Students have access to answer sheets for all study pack units so that they may compare their answers to the standard responses.

We offer this class for purchase by individual unit or as a full course purchase. When you place your order, within 24 hours, we will email you your class materials, so please make sure your email address is accurate. The first unit includes the introductory video and study pack material and the following units include the pertinent study pack lessons for that unit. Students receive both a blank study pack to fill out with their own answers and an answer key to compare to their completed study pack.

Introduction, History, & Important People

Topics Covered:

  • An Introduction to Wicca
  • History of Wicca
  • Important People in Wicca and Magic

Male/Female Correlations, Definitions, Traditions & Organizations

Topics Covered:

  • Male & Female Correlations of Significant Tools & Things
  • Important Definitions
  • Traditions & Organizations To Know

Gods & Goddesses, Wiccan Words & Phrases

Topics Covered:

  • Gods & Goddesses For Different Purposes
  • Words & Phrases Specific to Wicca

Days & Times of Power, Important and Interesting Quotes

Topics Covered:

  • Days & Times of Power
  • Important Quotes From Significant People

Properties of Magical Energy, Wiccan Ethics

Topics Covered:

  • Properties of Magical Energy
  • Wiccan Ethics

Circle & Coven Protocols, Circle Set-up

Topics Covered:

  • Circle & Coven Protocols
  • Circle Set-up

The Full Wicca 101 Class Series – $100

Topics Covered:

Includes all components of the entire six-part class series listed above

You may order an eyes-on review of your study pack by your instructor below. Study pack must be sent by digital version in MS Word or PDF form to katrina@crossroadsoccult.com or a fully printed version delivered to Crossroads Metaphysical Store. Please allow two weeks for a complete review.

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