Tarot for Real People Classes

Classes are based on the material presented in Katrina’s book Tarot For Real People available on Amazon.com and at Crossroads Metaphysical Store’s brick and mortar location in Shingle Springs, California.

These classes do not have to be taken in order, but it does help the flow of content if you do.

Classes are $20 each or the full series for $100. Click on “Order Now” to pay class tuition. After you place your order, we will send you an email with a link to access your material for each class. If you do not receive an email within 24 hours, please check your spam folder, then contact us at contact@crossroadsoccult.com if you do not find it. Please note that these emails are NOT automatically generated and are sent manually, so it might take us a few hours to process your order.

Tarot Lesson 1: Deck Structure, Tarot Myths, Tarot Ethics, Getting Started – $20

Topics Covered:

  • Components of a Standard Tarot Deck
  • Tarot Myths
  • Tarot Ethics
  • Getting to Know Your Deck
  • Creating Personal Card Interpretations

Tarot Lesson 2: A Deeper Look into the Major Arcana, Minor Arcana, and Court Cards – $20

Topics Covered:

  • In-Depth Exploration of the Major Arcana Cards
  • In-Depth Exploration of the Minor Arcana Cards
  • In-Depth Exploration of the Court Cards

Tarot Lesson 3: Numerology, Color Significance, Repetitions, and The Details Count – $20

Topics Covered:

  • Digging into Card Details
  • Numerology
  • Color Significance
  • Repetitions & Predominances
  • Finding the Narrative to Your Reading

Tarot Lesson 4: Difficult Cards, Reversals, Shuffle/Cut, and Spreads – $20

Topics Covered:

  • Difficult Cards
  • Reading Reversals
  • Shuffling & Cutting the Cards
  • Introduction to Various Spreads

Tarot Lesson 5: Reading the Spread – $20

Topics Covered:

  • Evaluating & Reading a Tarot Spread

Tarot Lesson 6: Advanced Techniques, Sample Readings, Other Uses for Tarot – $20

Topics Covered:

  • Advanced Techniques
  • Sample Readings
  • Timing
  • Yes/No Readings
  • The Dead Card Phenomenon
  • Black Cards
  • Opening a Card
  • Pendulum Use with the Tarot
  • Other Uses for the Tarot

Tarot For Real People Complete Series – $100

This includes the full six-class series outlined above at a $20 discount when purchased together.