Crossroads is proud to offer the following services:

Astrology Charts by Katrina Rasbold

  • Natal chart
  • Financial progression
  • Family Relationship progression
  • Romantic progression
  • Soul purpose chart
  • General progression

Each chart is $20 for the chart with a printed interpretation or $65 for the chart with a printed interpretation, Katrina’s own notes, and a personal consultation. If you order three charts, you get to choose a fourth one free.

Tarot Journey Work

Katrina Rasbold is the author of Tarot For Real People and has read the Tarot for more than thirty-five years. Tarot consultations for pathworking, spiritual insight, and personal revelation are available for $65.

Brujeria Services

Katrina and her apprentices provide tradition limpia services, chakra clearing, and energy adjustments for $65.

Departed Soul Work

Medium Shannon McLeran assists clients with communication and healing between the living and the departed. Cost varies. Contact Shannon for more information.

Setting the Lights

Bruja and Witch, Katrina Rasbold, offers magical services through candle work, vinegar jars, and honey pots. ($35 per working)

Magical Consultations

All Crossroads staff members are qualified to answer your questions about magic and address any of your energy working needs. There is no charge for a conversation about your circumstances and how to manage your challenges with magical energy.