Incense, Stick & Loose

All of our incenses are handmade from the finest products available, including bamboo sticks and powder, quality herbs, and the best essential oils.


Each of these sticks is personally hand dipped by Katrina & Eric Rasbold, empowered with quality essential oils and flowing energy. We are famous for our wonderful incenses made with the best ingredients. All prices include shipping. Purchase five or more packs and receive an upgrade to Priority Mail shipping.

Scents of Nature

Excite-mint – 10 sticks for $6.00 – A strong burst of crisp mint

Lemongrass – 10 sticks for $6.00 – Lemony, herby fragrance

Oceana– 10 sticks for $6.00 – The delicate scent of the Pacific Ocean

Sage – 10 sticks for $6.00 – A gentle blend of salvia scents

Tree – 10 sticks for $6.00 – A robust combination of fragrant evergreen oils

Floral Scents

Baby Bruja – 10 sticks for $6.00 – A high powered blend of lemongrass and lavender (high energy, use with care)

Daffodil –  10 sticks for $6.00 – A gentle, floral scent of daffodils on a spring day

Jasmine – 10 sticks for $6.00 – Sweet, aromatic floral scent

Lavender– 10 sticks for $6.00 – Peaceful, relaxing, and herbally fragrant

Rose– 10 sticks for $6.00 – The heady scent of roses

Wisteria – 10 sticks for $6.00 – The whimsical scent of wisteria

Temple Scents

Dark Kisses – 10 sticks for $6.00 – One of our most popular blends, this is a rich, exotic scent featuring berries, floral oils, and balsam

Dragon’s Blood – 10 sticks for $6.00 – This is a strong, magical scent made from the oil of dragon’s blood resin

Dusty Roses– 10 sticks for $6.00 – A romantic blend of rose oil with a hint of patchouli

Frankincense – 10 sticks for $6.00 – The soft, powdery scent of frankincense

Inner Sanctum – 10 sticks for $6.00 – A temple incense blend featuring ginger, frankincense, and nag champa

Mayan Magic – 10 sticks for $6.00 – Sandalwood, rose, patchouli, and a touch of copaiba

Mirra – 10 sticks for $6.00 – The gentle smell of myrrh

Nag Champa– 10 sticks for $6.00 – “That smell” most associated with temple incense

Patchouli – 10 sticks for $6.00 – From the finest patchouli oil

Sandalrose– 10 sticks for $6.00 – Sandalwood combined with rose

Sandalwood– 10 sticks for $6.00 – Classic sandalwood scent

Fruity Incenses

Avalon – 10 sticks for $6.00 – Imagine the sweetest, crispiest apple ever

Bayberry – 10 sticks for $6.00 – It’s not just for holidays! Enjoy the delightful, money-drawing scent of bayberry anytime

Mama Gaia – 10 sticks for $6.00 – A  sweet blend of cucumber and pear blossom

Strawberry – 10 sticks for $6.00 – Your favorite decadent fruit

Summer Daze –  10 sticks for $6.00 – A refreshing blend of cucumber and melon.

Purposeful Scents

5 Blessings;– 10 sticks for $6.00 – A soft, sweet blend that brings love, joy, abundance, success, and good health 

Beltane – 10 sticks for $6.00 – Honoring joy and sexuality, a heady, sweet scent

FF Fairy – 10 sticks for $6.00 – Used to negotiate with the fairies when they take your stuff, plus it smells nice (procedure is listed below on an info card)

Fast Money – 10 sticks for $6.00 – A pleasant scent that draws money to you 

Lilith – 10 sticks for $6.00 – A blend of dragon’s blood and patchouli that puts you in touch with our inner desires

Love – 10 sticks for $6.00 – A delightful scent of amber and floral blends that draws love to you

Mabon Moon – 10 sticks for $6.00 – Honoring the Second Harvest and Autumn Equinox, a cinnamon-clove blend

Valhalla – 10 sticks for $6.00 – Helps to overcome adversity and be courageous. Sandalwood with a hint of vanilla

Witches’ Brew – 10 sticks for $6.00 –  Shifts the winds from stagnation to change, a spicy scent

Loose Herb Incense

This incense is a blend of specialized oils and herbs suited for their intended purpose. They may be used as potpouri or burned on a self-igniting charcoal (like a hookah charcoal – not the ones from your bbq grill). You may also use them to dress your candles or accentuate your spellwork with the appropriate herbal energies for the task at hand.

Love Loose Incense – 1/2 oz for $6.00 – Attracts and intensifies love on all levels

Good Luck Loose Incense – 1/2 oz for $6.00 – Increases good luck and good fortune

Money Loose Incense – 1/2 oz for $6.00 – Attracts money and prosperity

Witch’s Broom Loose Incense – 1/2 oz for $6.00 – Cleanses the air of negative influences

Sacred Space Loose Incense – 1/2 oz for $6.00 – Increases psychic awareness, encourages astral travel, creates sacred space

GTFO Loose Incense – 1/2 oz for $6.00 – Removes unwanted influences