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Katrina Rasbold has worked as a professional life coach and Tarot reader for more than thirty-five years. Her readings are insightful and personal. She is the author of Tarot For Real People, available on Katrina takes on a select few clients each week as her caseload and workload allow.

Katrina is also a master of the Lenormand system of card reading, which is slightly different than Tarot. She has decades of experience using the pendulum and will sometimes include that tool in readings as well.

Please read the conditions below before ordering a reading.

If you order a reading, please email Katrina first to discuss your situation and set up an appointment.


Katrina Rasbold, Author of “Tarot For Real People”
  1. Katrina does not do telephone readings at any time.
  2. Katrina does not spy on people through Tarot readings. DO NOT ask what another person is doing, thinking, or who they are sleeping with. Your reading is for YOU, not someone else. We can read about YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH another person as it pertains to you, but not about them and their thoughts or actions.
  3. Katrina will answer any Yes or No questions using a pendulum, backed up by an evaluation of the energy around the question using the Lenormand cards if needed.
  4. A reading covers one subject in your life (love, money, my relationship with my sister, etc). If you request multiple topics, Katrina will split the reading between the topics into several smaller readings rather than one larger one. 
  5. Fees are non-refundable.
  6. Unless you specify a technique, Katrina will choose Tarot, Oracle, or Lenormand cards according to what will best address your questions and situation.
  7. Ordering a reading/consultation from Katrina indicates that you have read, understand, and agree to these conditions.

Email readings ($65.00): When you email Katrina, she will let you know when she can perform your reading. You do not need to do anything special during the reading. Katrina will access your energy remotely to read for you. Katrina also offers Lenormand card readings which are more appropriate for some situations.

Email Katrina and tell her what subject or situation you would like your reading to address. Include any questions pertaining to the subject you want answered. Questions added on after Katrina completes the reading that cannot be answered by the existing reading should be ordered as One Question readings below.

You receive an email with a photo of the reading and a written report of Katrina’s interpretation of the reading as it pertains to the question you asked or subject you specified.

One Question ($5.00): You may also order a reading that answers ONE (1) question. Katrina will look into the energy surrounding your question using a two-card Lenormand draw and, if applicable, a pendulum. Again, with this option, your reading only includes two cards read together as a pair. 

Email Katrina with your question and you will receive a photo of the card draw and Katrina’s interpretation. This option does not include follow up information. Whatever the cards decide to tell the client about the question is the answer.

Fees are non-refundable


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Author & Professional Witch, Katrina Rasbold, is the webmaster for this page and co-owner of Crossroads Occult. She offers readings, cleansings, healings, and spell work services by remote. You can reach Katrina by emailing her at