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Katrina Rasbold performs remote spiritual cleansings to heal and balance the chakras, purify the aura, cleanse the spirit, and remove curses, hexes, crossings, attachments to the past, hooks from old relationships, and unwanted entities.

These are distance/remote cleansings without the client present. The client does not need to actively participate in the cleansing. There is no phone call or other communication required at the time of the cleansing. She connects energetically and does her work “under the radar” so the client barely notices we are there. When the cleansing is completed, she sends a complete report with photos to the person who ordered the cleansing. The person receiving the cleansing may have some mild tingling or light-headedness during the process.

Please email Katrina before you order a cleasing to make sure she has room in her schedule to take you on as a client since she often books out days or weeks in advance.

The cleansing costs $65.00 and includes:

  • Intuitive diagnosis
  • Purification with a sage bath
  • Energetic healing including Reiki and intuitive energy movement
  • Egg cleansing to diagnose & remove unwanted attachments
  • Aura sweeping to clean and reset the aura
  • Full report with photos email to the person who ordered the reading (unless otherwise requested)

To successfully complete a remote spiritual cleansing, Katrina requires:

  • A current photograph (within the past few years) of the person to be cleansed
  • The birthdate (if available) and full name of the person to be cleansed

Click here to email this information to us after completing your purchase.

Fees are not refundable

Spiritual Cleansings –  Frequently Asked Questions

Should I change what I am doing when you do my cleansing?

No. In fact, I prefer not to let the client know exactly when I do the cleansing because they tend to be on high alert, watching for my energy to come in. This causes their parasympathetic nervous responses to double down, making it more difficult for me to get through to them by remote. There is nothing I do during a cleansing that will interfere with driving, conversing, or carrying on with the events of your day.

How soon can you do my cleansing?

I put you onto my schedule once I receive your order with the payment and your photograph. Where you fall on the schedule depends on how many people I have scheduled before you and how long their sessions last. Each client gets as much attention as they need for their session. The average length of a session is 60-90 minutes. I can usually get most people scheduled and cleansed within 24 hours of receiving their order and their photo.

How will I know you have completed the cleansing?

Some people, especially those who have had cleansings with me before, feel a shift in their energy that tells them I have done the work. After I complete the cleansing, I create a report with my findings and a photo of your egg and send it to the email you provided to me. 

How long will the effects last?

When I complete the cleansing, the client is clean at that moment. How long they remain clean and energy-balanced depends on the degree of contamination and toxicity to which they are exposed after the cleansing. The cleansing does not provide continued protection against future contamination.

How will I feel after the cleansing?

The most common response after a cleansing is that the client feels “lighter.” They usually sleep well soon afterward. Some who are especially in tune with their energy may feel a release and shifting as the cleansing occurs. Rarely, and in the instance of an intense cleansing involving multiple spiritual maladies, the client may experience a mild physical purging as the body rids itself of residual energetic toxins. More commonly, the client may feel mild and occasional fatigue through the next few days as the energetic body recalibrates to a healthier baseline. This is more pronounced in the instance of maladies present for an extended time. Just as we need time to recover after a physical surgery, we must also heal from the removal of maladies in our energetic body. The recovery time is proportional to the intensity and number of maladies removed, as well as the degree of damage done to the energetic body by the maladies before removal.

Will a cleansing heal my illness?

A cleansing and chakra balancing addresses conditions resulting from psychic attack, trauma responses, entities, or other energetic maladies. It may provide increased healing of physical symptoms or illness if the symptoms originate from an energetic cause rather than a physical cause. If the client has a broken leg, for instance, the cleansing will provide energetic balance for better healing in addition to the Reiki healing energy provided during the cleansing. It will not, however, cause the leg to no longer be broken.

Will a cleansing correct the problems in my life?

Cleansings do not undo damage done by curses, crossings, and entities, but instead remove the maladies so the energetic body can heal from the attack. If, for example, a curse caused the client’s marriage to end, removing the curse does not guarantee the return of their ex-spouse. It can, however, ensure the curse does not further damage to the client’s current or future relationships.

How often should I get a cleansing?

That depends solely on your level of exposure to negative energy. If you are often exposed to negative energy from others in a job that is at high risk energetically (medical staff, teachers, retail salespeople, police, etc), you will need cleansing more often than someone who has miminimal exposure to others. If you frequently engage in online disputes, you are at high risk. Think of a spiritual cleansing as a professional teeth cleaning. No matter how much you brush and floss, so to speak, you still should go have a professional cleaning once or twice a year. All humans, as part of their spiritual hygiene, should have a spiritual cleansing from time to time to reset to their energetic baseline and clear away any external energies that connected to them. Cleansings also identify past traumas that are now available for healing. Most of my returning clients order a cleansing when they feel “off” or out of balance. The best way to know if you need a cleansing is to become intimately aware of what your energy feels like when you are balanced so that you can better sense when you are out of balance or contaminated in some way.

Can I cleanse myself?

As with the analogy of the teeth cleaning above, you can perform basic energetic maintenance using baths, sprays, and visualization. Experience has shown me, however, that if you require deeper cleansing, you should enlist the help of a professional. I liken it to trying to clean a window with a muddy cloth. You cannot cleanse yourself because you, yourself, are contaminated, so recontamination happens as you cleanse. My favorite tool for self-cleansing is our Ritual Cleanse bath soak, available here: https://crossroadsoccult.com/bath/ The Uncrossing bath soak is also quite good.

Feel free to contact me at drrasbold@gmail.com if you have questions regarding your report or cleansings in general. Once you are cleansed and your energies balanced, we can work together to create a plan for any follow up spell work needed to send energy toward your continued goals if you wish to do so.

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