Conjure Curios

Conjure Curios

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Alligator Feet – Because of the grasping position they assume as they dry, alligator feet are used as an amulet for money drawing and success in gambling. Anoint them with whiskey, cologne, or Van Van oil to increase their money-drawing power.

Our alligator feet are approximately 2″ long, taxidermied, and sealed. We personally bless and empower each one toward your prosperity.

1 Empowered Alligator Foot – $13.00

Buckeyes – They look like testicles and are the Conjure amulet for male energy, testicular fortitude. Carry them for protection, healing (especially rheumatism and male virility), gambling luck, getting a job, “growing a pair,” and increasing sales in an existing business.

2 Buckeyes – $6.00

Cat’s Eye Shells – These protection power houses are each the operculum (foot-closure) of a sea-snail called a Turban Shell or Turbo. They are said to ward off “the evil eye,” and are used on jewelry and Mojo Bags to repel evil, for protection, and for uncrossing.

2 Cat’s Eye Shells – $8.00

Conjure Crosses – These are big personal protection because of iron and the invocation of the elements, all within the solar cross. Handmade by Eric Rasbold.

1 Conjure Cross- $18.00

Cowrie Shells – These shells are shaped like little yonis and as such, are the Conjure amulet for feminine energy, good luck, fertility in all things. The are the female compliment to buckeyes and carrying one of each balances the male and female energies. We have both large (approximately 1″) and small (approximately 2-3″).

2 Small Cowrie Shells – $6.00 (click below)

1 Large Cowrie Shell – $6.00 (Click below)

Devil’s Claw – Devil’s claw is the Harpagophytum plant, native to the Kalahari Desert in Africa. Carry it in a mojo bag or put it under your pillow for protection from evil. Also used in exorcisms. Note: Don’t exorcise demons unless you are trained to do so or all sorts of melee may ensue.

Approx 1/4 – 1/2 oz Devil’s Claw- $6.00

Demon Pod– This is a Japanese Water Chestnut used for heavy protection. We spray ours down with Fiery Wall of Protection spray. You can carry it in your pocket, wear it as a pendant, or hang it on your rear-view mirror as a car mojo. This is also called a bat pod.

1 Empowered Demon Pod – $8.00

Iron Nails “Coffin Nails” – These are called “Coffin Nails” not because they are pulled out of a coffin, but because it identifies a style of nail used in coffin making in the 1800s. They are square, made of iron, often well-rusted, and approximately 2.5″ long. Rusty nails are good for warding off what you do not want or sending away situations that are not to your advantage. May be used in Witch’s bottles or other protection devices. Great for nailing down what you want to stay put, magically speaking or setting up a protective grid at the four corners of property. Nails are also used for foot track magic. Drive a nail into the footprint of someone if you want them to stay with you or return to your house.

4 Nails – $8.00

Lady Bug Beans – These teeny-weeny little seeds look like ladybugs and are from the Ormosia Coccinea or Huayruro plant, native to Peru. We carry or wear them often as beads, for good luck, prosperity, and abundance. We put them into Mojo Bags for the same purpose.

3 Lady Bug Beans – $5.00

Lodestones – Lodestones are natural magnets, also called “magnetite.” We use lodestones to attract what we want to us. Keep your lodestone in a shell, small jar, or other container and “feed” it iron filings or magnetic sand every week or two. Talk to it and treat it as your magical ally.

1 Lodestone – $10.00

Tonka Beans – These beans are sweetly scented and draw in romantic love and an appreciation for the sweetness of life. Carry them in your pocket or slip into a gris-gris or mojo bag to bring love and joy to your life.

2 Tonka Beans – $6.00