Astrology Charts

by Katrina Rasbold

  • Natal chart – This is the foundations of all evaluations and progressions of your chart. This tells you where the planets and significant heavenly bodies were at the moment of your birth.
  • Financial progression – This chart discusses your relationship and agreements with money and prosperity.
  • Family Relationship progression – This chart discusses your interpersonal relationships and how you connect with significant people in your life. You must have the birth date, location, and time of each person to order this chart.
  • Romantic progression – This chart discusses your compatibility with another person. You must have their birth date, location, and time to order this chart.
  • Soul purpose chart – This chart maps your life’s purpose and what you are meant to be in the world.


Chart with a printed interpretation only – $25.00 each (includes shipping)

Chart with printed interpretation plus Katrina’s personal notes and observations – $65.00 each

Order three charts and get a fourth chart free.

Please email Katrina to let her know what service you want so she can invoice you directly. She will need the following information to complete any of the charts:

  • Full birth name
  • Date of birth
  • Time of birth
  • Place of birth


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