Upcoming Events & Classes

Crossroads Occult offers interactive live streams, Zoom classes, and pre-recorded classes on a variety of metaphysical subject. Most of our classes are free or offered for donation, which is set by the student. 

Our classroom of pre-recorded classes HERE including courses on Brujeria, Primal Witchcraft, Wicca, and Tarot at affordable prices.

We provide Zoom classes several times a month. For the latest class list, click here

We also offer free Tarot/Oracle/Lenormand/Pendulum readings every Thursday night on our Witches At The Crossroads Hour (WATCH) broadcast. You can join the live stream by tuning into our Facebook page on Thursdays at 7:00 pm Pacific Time. www.facebook.com/crossroadsoccult.

Katrina joins Dahlia Rose for Crossroads of Cognizance every Thursday at 2:00 pm Pacific Time to discuss metaphysical topics on the US West Coast, East Coast, and in between. To learn more about Crossroads of Cognizance and join our live stream on YouTube or Facebook, go to www.crossroadsofcognizance.com.