Sacred Sprays & Washes

Washes and sprays are cleansing, empowering, and consecrating products intended for use on people (you, for instance), places (your home, your working space), or objects (your sacred tools). All prices listed below include shipping.


Florida means “flower,” so this is not water from the state of Florida, but flower water that is refreshing and invigorating, so much so that athletes keep it in ice chests to cool them down quickly during events.

Florida Water has an alcohol base, so there is no actual H2O water involved with the creating of this wonderful liquid. It does, however, include ridiculous amounts of citrus and flower essence oils. When Florida Water is applied, any remaining alcohol scent immediately evaporates leaving a long-lasting floral-citrus scent. You can use Florida Water in your bath, for anointing, or as cologne. Do not ingest. $15.00, 10 oz spray bottle

Our hand-blended room sprays are created with specific purposes in mind. They are highly concentrated, made from the finest essential oils and alcohol as a propellant carrier. One or two sprays will usually be sufficient to empower a room or cleanse and empower a person or magical items. All are fragrant and highly buzzed. These are pet safe, fabric safe, child safe (although they may get drunk on the alcohol base if they drink it) and may be used as fabric or upholstery freshener, air freshener, or even cologne. Order 3 or more room sprays and receive a free upgrade to Priorty Mail shipping

7 AFRICAN POWERS Spray, 10 oz bottle – $15.00 each  — This traditional recipe blends frankincense, myrrh, cinnamon, sage, sandalwood, and dragon’s blood to bring love, money, luck, health, protection, power, and success. (Not shown in the image above, but in a similar bottle)

CUT & CLEAR Spray, 10 oz bottle – $15.00 each  — This traditional recipe combines a peachy, sweet smell with vital herbs and oils to remove unwanted attachments and sever toxic ties.

FIERY WALL OF PROTECTION Spray, 10 oz bottle – $15.00 each  —  This blend combines a base of dragon’s blood and rosemary with other protective herbs and oils to create a wall of protection around the user.  (not shown above, but in the same type of container)

FLORIDA WATER Spray, 10 oz bottle – $15.00 each  —  Your favorite citrus and floral conjure wash is now available in a convenient spray bottle. Refreshes, renews, empowers, and restores

NO MORE MONSTERS Spray, 10 oz bottle – $15.00 each  — Two Sisters Botanica is famous for their No More Monsters spray. Originally created for children suffering from nightmares or night terrors, as well as those who are sensitive to spirits and have trouble sleeping with them around, this spray creates stillness and peace. It will not get rid of friendly spirits if you wish them to stay, but instead creates boundaries to allow sleep and peace to occur. It can be used in more intense banishing work if you want the entities to leave as it does contain actual exorcism herbs. It has a pleasant earthy, spicy scent, but packs a punch. Use on bed linens and in dense, chilly, or other uncomfortable places (under the bed, in the closet, in the shower). Great for empaths who want a break as it “turns off the radio” for a moment’s peace.

SMUDGE Spray, 10 oz bottle – $15.00 each  — If you are in a place or circumstance where you cannot burn white sage or other purification herbs, we’ve got you! Our Smudge Spray is made from extracted evergreen and sage oils and will clear and cleanse people and places



4 Thieves Vinegar and Chinese Wash are a one-two punch to disinfect, both mundanely and spiritually, and empower a home or sacred space. We used this pairing aggressively at our shop, then sprinkled brick dust over the threshold, to make certain the environment was positive, joyful, and empowering and that only those intended to enter could do so. We make our 4 Thieves Vinegar and Chinese Wash from traditional recipes.

Chinese Wash removes crossings/curses, banishing bad luck, and purifies an area. Chinese Wash blesses, empowers, and opens doors for good luck to find you. Use 2-3 Tablespoons in your cleaning water or use straight on a clean sponge to wipe down your thresholds, stairs, walls, doors, and door frames. $15.00, 4 oz bottle

Four Thieves Vinegar is a purificant that finds the balance point in your home and returns the energy inside it to a natural rhythm. It stills chaos, eliminates stress and drama, and washes away negativity and bad luck. Use it to clean and bless thresholds, stairs, walls, doors, and door frames.

Chinese Wash & Four Thieves Vinegar Combo, 4 oz each, $25.00 for both