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Need candle work? Katrina offers the service of “setting the lights,” meaning that she will burn the candle on your behalf. She will prepare and light the candle, monitor the burn for the 3-5 days it takes for the candle to complete its burn, then send you a report with photos, telling you how the burn went and whether or not the energy was well received. You can see the complete listing of the candles we offer on this page. Most candles have an option for us to ship the candle to you or for Katrina to burn it for you. If there is no option listed for Katrina to burn the candle for you, then this is a candle Katrina does not use in her practice and you will need to burn it yourself. Crossroads Occult also offers fixed candles ready for you to burn to send energy to your goals. For additional spellwork ideas, visit our “Personal Spell Work” page. This includes full rituals, Honey Pot (Sweet Jar) spells, Mirror Box spells, Bindings, etc.

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Do you burn the candle straight through or light and relight it?

Your candle will burn straight through from the time I first light it until it completes the burn. The only time I relight it is if the flame goes out on its own (a self-extinguish). If a candle puts itself out, I will try to relight it until it reaches a point that a relight is impossible.

Should I burn candles on my own to “help” with the candles you burn for me?

As long as the candles are for the same intention, I always believe “the more energy, the better” so yes, I encourage you to burn candles for the same intention.

What is the impact difference in you burning a candle on my behalf and me burning it for myself?

Like most of these questions, this one is heavily nuanced. I have more than forty years experience burning candles for spell work, so I am experienced at imbuing my intention into the candle and feeding energy into the candle as it burns. My life and my work space are both set up to accommodate burning candles straight through without the need to extinguish them for safety. When you burn a candle with me, you have greater discretion because no one will come into your home and see the spell work that you are doing. It all takes place in the privacy of my working area. I am your advocate, but I do not have the fear, insecurity, or other challenging emotions you might have attached to the stated intention that could contaminate the process if you do the work. It is also convenient because you can literally place the order and not think about the work again until I send the report 3-5 days later.

On the other hand, if you do the work yourself, it is less expensive. You can order the candles from us and they come to you prepped and ready to light. Alternatively, you can purchase and prepare your own candles. As much as I advocate for my client and as good as I am at channeling energy to the spell work I do, I cannot possibly want your goal for you as much as you want it for yourself. The energy of your desire is a great asset to any spell work. If you do the work, you can see in “real time” what the candle is doing and how well the situation receives the energy of the spellwork.

Only you know if it is better for you to do the work yourself, for me to do it on your behalf, or some hybrid of the two.

When will I hear from you about my candle?

When I receive your order for a setting of the lights, please send an email to with any specifics regarding your work (names, circumstances, etc). I will reply to that email asking for more information if needed and providing a photo of your candle burning on my altar.

You will not hear from me again until the candle finishes burning in 3-5 days. At that time, I will send a report to you covering the results of the burn.

What if I decide I want to stop the work you are doing for me?

If I receive an email requesting that I discontinue the work, I will stop the work as soon as possible. This does not undo previous work done by the candle, but will prevent the candle from sending further energy to the stated intention. Payments are not refundable. If we have not yet created your candle at the time you let us know you no longer wish to proceed with the work, you can transfer the payment to a different candle, such as the “Abre Los Ojos” (“Open Your Eyes”) candle to show you how to best proceed.

Will I suffer negative consequences from the candle work?

This is difficult to determine since each case is individual. For most people who go into spell work with a clean heart and kind intentions, there will be no negative ramafications. If anything perceived as negative does occur, hang on! It might be a “means to an end” that turns out to your advantage. Sometimes, we have to undergo surgery of sorts in order to heal.

If you do the work with bad intentions toward another person, then yes, it is possible to suffer negative consequences. Keep your side of the street clean, walk in truth, and keep your intentiosn pure and you will be fine.

When will I see results?

Each situation that prompts a client to request a candle burning is individually nuanced. This means that each client’s circumstance meets the stated intention with an unknown and constantly changing degree of resistance, composed of the difficulties presented in accomplishing the goal. How fast the client will see results depends on how easily the energy we send to the goal can overcome the resistance. If there is minimal resistance, the client may see results while the burn is taking place. If the resistance is extreme, it may take many candle burns to overcome the resistance and allow the client to see results.

The truth is that rarely does a client seek out magical intervention unless they have concerns about the likelihood of reaching their goal. This means there is known or feared opposition to the goal and therefore, known or feared resistance. The client’s fear that their goal may not manifest creates resistance as well.

An example: A client requests a candle with the intention of “Bring back my ex to me.” If the parting was recent and the ex misses the client and wants to reach out but is hesitant to do so, it will take only a small amount of energy to encourage the ex to contact the client. If the parting was many years ago, was a hostile parting, there has been no contact in the interim, and the client is now married to someone else, has children, and lives in another country, it will take a huge amount of energy (many candles!) to see any results at all.

The free will of other people involved is another factor in determining the amount of energy required to reach a goal. In the example above, the desires not only of the client and their ex, but also of the ex’s spouse, their family, their friend, and even their children may create resistance. This is why candle work to win the lottery or other gambling endeavor is rarely successful. In the case of the lottery, the resistance comes from the free will of literally millions of people who want to win as much, if not more, than the client.

Just because the candle burns with no resistance does not mean the desired outcome is assured. It tells us only that there was no resistance to the energy we sent out with the candle and that the energy was well-received.

Each set of circumstances behind a client’s intention has an “minimal energy load” that the candle work must reach to affect a change. The degree of resistance is one of the factors that determines the minimal energy load. The client’s fate or destiny is another consideration. There are some “immutable moments” that are destined to happen to keep us on our appropriate path. If a client’s stated intention would take them off the path they are meant to travel, that can work against the energy load needed to fulfill the goal. As hard as it is to accept, some things just are or are not “meant to be.”

When a client chooses to work on themselves rather than others, the resistance lowers dramatically because the client is (usually) a willing participant in the process.

Note: It takes a HUGE (huge) amount of energy to “compel” the target of the energy to do something they do not want to do. The more they do not want to do it, the more energy is required and the more quickly the energy will burn off, returning the client to their own organic thoughts and motives. Manipulating people through spell work is expensive, takes a long time, and the effects are temporary.

Another Note: Most people do not contact us for help until, metaphorically, the ship is sinking. When a situation is well underway and the course is determined, it takes much more energy to change things than when a situation is just beginning.

Since we cannot know all the factors creating resistance to our work, we cannot say with authority or assurance when the client will see results. We simply keep pushing energy toward the goal until the client’s goals are met or the client decides they no longer wish to pursue the goal

When should I stop burning candles for my goal?

You should stop burning candles for your goal when you achieve your goal (following up with a Gratitude candle is always a nice offering to the Universe), shift your goal to another approach, or decide you no longer want your goal.

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